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Jeffrey Tarrant, Founder, MOV37 and Protégé Partners

Jeffrey Tarrant Headshot.jpg

Please give us a bit of background on yourself, and how your organisation plays a leadership role in the financial technology space.

I have been in the hedge fund industry since the mid 80’s. I have backed emerging hedge fund talent before their discovery by larger institutional investors. After graduating from the University of California and Harvard Business School in 1985, I discovered an emerging industry, which is now an approximately 3 trillion-dollar industry. While investing for institutional sized fortunes, I led as a venture capitalist the founding and sale of Altvest, the world’s largest and first internet-based hedge fund data base which is now a division of Morning Star. I also joined a board of The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF) where I helped develop the first hedge fund-of-funds for the foundation community.

We have researched over the last 3 years the opportunity to establish asset management terms with lower costs and fees due to the intersection of data, data costs, data science, computing costs, machine learning and regulation. We believe that a new investment process paradigm will change asset management the same way Uber changed transportation.

How well are financial companies adapting to the coming of age phase of Fintech development? Where are the opportunities, and where are the roadblocks still?

As Clayton Christiansen of HBS posits, disruptive function changes in industry comes from outside the industry. We are seeing this play out now but not from the old players.

What challenges do you see for Fintech maturation, and how will their business models help deliver future financial success?

The challenges for Fintech maturation are several but mostly cultural. The old investment process versus the new; it and how and with whom the new models will be executed.

What will you be discussing at The Economist's Finance Disrupted Conference?

The new ALIS (Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies) paradigm.

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